Skytech Energy Announces Domestic and Commercial Solar Rooftop Installations

In its continuous search for growth and environmental protection, Skytech Energy is proud to announce that it now offers solar rooftop installation and autonomous energy to the domestic consumer. This includes but it is not limited to solar rooftops for private homes, villas, summer homes, and small factories.

With the continuous rise of energy prices, installing a photovoltaic roof is a viable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly way to provide electricity to a home or a business.  Take advantage of preferential prices for selling the excess energy produced by photovoltaic rooftop with a total installed capacity of 5kWp to 30kWp. Skytech Energy handles the full development, procurement and installation cycle and can further advise you on the process of connecting your installation to the grid. Contact us now at to get a quote and expert advice on the most appropriate system for your needs.

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